Cultivate at Clift Elementary

group of students pose in the hallway wearing ribbons holding up a single finger

Clift Elementary leads students in hands-on learning in an atmosphere focused on compassion and growth. Whether that is in a sustainable outdoor classroom, learning a new skill, or improving academically, students are prepared for life with global experience.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts — a program focused on building relationships, accepting others' ideas, and strengthening communication — has been implemented at Clift for three years. This empowering program teaches student-to-student awareness and accountability. The campus was named a National Showcase School in the 2018-2019 school year.

Since the implementation, student morale and participation in activities have peaked, and behavior has seen positive improvements. The camaraderie of the program emphasizes unity on campus, which instills a strong sense of community.

Clift Elementary provides unique experiences to inspire well-rounded students through a program called Clift Academy. Once a month, the students experience clubs that they are able to choose based on their interests. Club options change every nine weeks, and range from exercise, volleyball, coding, board games, STEM, music appreciation, gardening, art, and more.

Children are shown different opportunities to excel in, which gives them confidence in the classroom and might encourage them to pursue an extracurricular activity. The students are exposed to different students in their grade levels, students in other grades, as well as teachers throughout the building, which helps build relationships.

Clift staff and students can look forward to the opportunity to experience hands-on learning. The campus is excited to utilize outdoor classrooms to enhance lessons and establish a sense of pride in accomplishments that are gained from learning how to care for chickens and growing vegetables in the garden.

Students have seen baby chick hatch, grow, and develop. The level of understanding is much higher on concepts such as genetics life-cycle and animal habitats when they are able to experience life sciences through hands-on lessons. All these experiences have led to higher achievement for students in science concepts.

Outdoor classrooms teach self-discipline, provide exposure to nature, offer a multi-sensory experience, emphasize environmental citizenship, and develop creativity and problem-solving. This experience also increases attendance rates, improves readiness skills, and affords a calm, inspiring teaching space. Students have become so passionate about the outdoor learning areas that they sacrifice their recess time to tend to the space.

Students also participate in the robotics club and compete each spring. Other extracurricular activities include Math Pentathlon, academic UIL, Student Council, and more.

Clift Elementary students shine because of the dedicated staff who give them opportunities to learn outside of the standard curriculum. They are able to identify hidden talents and new interests and are encouraged to succeed not only in elementary school but for a lifetime.

elementary school but for a lifetime.